Planting Instructions


Do you have…

  • A Shovel?
  • 3 in 1 Soil Mix?
  • GardenPro Transplanter or Bone Meal?
  • Mulch?


  1. Dig hole twice the width of the container.
  2. Remove the plastic container and twine before planting. Fibre container should be sliced on the sides and top rim removed (do not disturb the root system).
  3. Set the ball of the plant so the top of the ball is slightly above ground level.
  4. Fill hole with a planting mixture consisting of 50% native soil and 50% 3 in 1 Soil Mix.
  5. If using Bone Meal, apply the appropriate amount (according to label) around the plant.  Mix into the top layer of soil.  Soak the plant thoroughly to eliminate air pockets.
  6. If using GardenPro Transplanter, mix with water according to the label and soak the plant thoroughly to eliminate air pockets.
  7. Cover the area with 2-3” of mulch, leaving 2” around the trunk free of mulch.


Nursery Stock

  • Give tree, shrub or evergreen a thorough soaking with water after planting.
  • Water deeply once a week in cool weather. In hot or windy conditions water twice a week or as needed.
  • Water weekly until the ground feezes.


  • Give perennials a thorough soaking with water after planting
  • Water every second or third day until established.

Annual Containers

  • Check containers daily and water until water runs through the drainage holes in the pot.
  • Fertilize every third watering.